March 30, 2012

Bears find a low; S&P Futures key levels 1415.25 1391.25 ▲

Two days of selling exhausts the bears. Look for new highs.

 March 27, 2012

Bears crushed; S&P Futures key levels 1432.25 1408.25 ▲

Relentless rally. Have the bears capitulated?

 March 26, 2012

Bulls resume rally; S&P Futures key levels 1411.25 1387.25 ▲

From the looks of Fridays close, it seems bulls are ready to take charge again.

 March 23, 2012

Bulls get whipped; S&P Futures key levels 1406 1382 ▲

Bulls at key support. Still looking for new swing highs.

 March 21, 2012

Bulls won't be held down; S&P Futures key levels 1417 1393 ▲

Sell offs keep coming back. Look for new highs after this consolidation period.

 March 20, 2012

Bulls push up; S&P Futures key levels 1421.25 1397.25 ▲

Big rally off the opening sell off. This market does not want to stall.

 March 19, 2012

Bulls hold higher levels; S&P Futures key levels 1415.75 1391.75 ▲

This market does not want to retrace significantly, even with the weak internals. Keep climbing the wall of worry. Valuations are still very attractive, so market could easily make lifetime highs this year or next.

 March 16, 2012

Bulls keep trucking; S&P Futures key levels 1413 1389 ▲

Internals really don't look that good, but climbing a 'wall of worry'. Retrace to DOW 13000 should be coming.

 March 15, 2012

Bulls consolidate; S&P Futures (M2) key levels 1405 1381.5 ▲

Closer to SP 1400, but also need DOW 13000 to get tested.

 March 13, 2012

Bulls consolidate (again); S&P Futures (M2) key levels 1383.25 1359.25 ▲

Will this fed day give us the final push? Internals (ADD, Tick) have looked ugly this entire rally.