February 29, 2012

Bulls keep it going; S&P Futures key levels 1388.5 1364.5 ▲

Hard to imagine this rally continuing with such poor breadth. Would like to see some climax selling with +2000 ADD, but looks increasingly unlikely.

 February 27, 2012

Bulls stall; S&P Futures key levels 1384.5 1360.5 ▲

Bulls keep stalling at DOW 13000. Would like to see a better retracement before breaking out. The ADD has been weak throughout this rise, and today was actually negative on the close.

 February 27, 2012

Bulls rest up; S&P Futures key levels 1379.5 1356 ▲

DOW 13000 still the critical level.

 February 24, 2012

Bulls bounce back; S&P Futures key levels 1380 1356.5 ▲

Dow 13000 is getting interesting. Can the bull go upside down here and turn resistance into support?

 February 23, 2012

Bulls consolidate; S&P Futures key levels 1372.5 1349.5 ▲

Stock look like they will over come the gas prices for now. Still think that should be good for at least one decent retracement.

 February 21, 2012

Bulls can't be stopped; S&P Futures key levels 1377 1353.5 ▲

Dow 13000 looks like the target before a better retrace.

 February 17, 2012

Bulls charge off major lows; S&P Futures key levels 1371.5 1348 ▲

New highs being made, but ADD has not looked good this entire rally.

 February 16, 2012

Bulls fade off gap open; S&P Futures key levels 1359 1335.5 ▲

Bulls get creamed but ADD not that bad. Maybe significant swing low here.

 February 15, 2012

Bulls charge off gap fill; S&P Futures key levels 1364.75 1342.25 ▲

First gap fill down. Need to reverse outlook to fill the next one down at 1322.75.

 February 14, 2012

Bulls consolidate; S&P Futures key levels 1366.25 1342.75 ▲

Bulls having problems over 1350. May need to fill some of the recent gaps, at least 1340.25. Further gaps at 1322.75 and 1307.75.