April 29, 2011

Rally continues; S&P Futures key levels 1362 1348.5 ▲

Retrace fizzled, look more like extended consolidation coming.

 April 28, 2011

Better retrace next?; S&P Futures key levels 1358.75 1345.25 ▲

Markets going strong for over a week. Looks like time for a breather.

 April 27, 2011

Recovery highs; S&P Futures key levels 1347.75 1334.25 ▲

Recovery highs made; bears were ambushed; time to retrace?

 April 26, 2011

Consolidating gains; S&P Futures key levels 1337.75 1324.25 ▲

Getting close to the recovery highs on the S&P. Bears are crumbling.

 April 25, 2011

Holiday hangover; S&P Futures key levels 1337.5 1324 ▲

Post holiday hangover, than recovery? Looking for new swing highs before this move is over.

 April 21, 2011
 April 20, 2011

Bulls feast on shattered bears; S&P Futures key levels 1315.25 1302 ▼

It seems like nothing can hold this market down. Even with all that we have not been able to lose our trading range. Major momentum indicators have been lagging for two months now.

 April 19, 2011
 April 18, 2011

Bonds Crash, bring down stocks ; S&P Futures key levels 1325.5 1312 ▼

Tea party wants to take down America and rebuild the US in it's image. It won't be cheap. More like the French revolution than the American revolution.

 April 17, 2011

Week 6 wrap Money Management (5) Psychology (4) System (2)

The systems continues to flounder waiting to pick up some big gains. I know I have to overlay my own experience with the system, but have not been able to do so with conviction. The systems are there to help remove the emotional roller coaster, but maybe that is the price of successful trading.